Icon font


Navbar loads CSS that defines WIPO standard fonts as CSS custom variables: --wipo-font and --wipo-icon-font

Icon font

The icons defined as WIPO standard icons are available as ligatures. Define font-family in your CSS from the variables. For example:

.wipo-icon {
  font-family: var(--wipo-icon-font);

and reference using ligature <span class="wipo-icon">help_center</span>

Available ligatures

List of font files

Common CSS defines --wipo-font as:

--wipo-font: "Noto Sans Display", "IBM Plex Sans Arabic", 
  "Noto Sans SC", "Noto Sans JP", "Noto Sans KR", sans-serif;
All the Noto Sans family fonts and IBM Plex Arabic are available under ./fonts; the full available font list: